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The real beauty is a question of personalityWatches gives the time. A Restrepo reveals your Style.


Our unique packaging

Just like our watches, our packaging is unique. We designed a hole in the corner that let you see the most important part of the watch : the ellipse dial.
Along with your watch, you will find two bracelets, a buckle and a pin remover to install the buckle. 

The watch will be well secured in order to prevent damages. Inside, you will also find a instruction Manuel. Everything you need to know about warranty and how to take care of your watch will be mentioned. 

RESTREPO WATCHES A glamorous, delightful, brand of watches. A brand that have the sense of humour far away from the standards of the major Brands, dedicated mostly to Macho Power, Technology, Performance, Power, etc… All this is already done and told. The Brand is supported with a vision called the Realistic Magic view, born from the Latino Culture. The brand is detached from the Brands that want always to be the oldest ones, looking to the past. Restrepo sign «far away from 1775» implementing a real vision guided by the time, the fashion, the evolution of creativity from now for the Future. Pleasure, Humour, Desire, are the key values with elegance, and quality design, of the Restrepo new born Brand.




Prices vary depending on timepiece .....ask for details.

 STARTING AT $4000 +

How to use

As indicated in the user manuals (if available).


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