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Protek Watches

ProTek possesses all the attributes of watches ideally suited for those who protect us. The brand lives at the intersection of fashion plus functionality, where professionalism meets technology.  ProTek is the newest entry in the Time Concepts family of brands, and the very nature of this brand brings the brand owner back to his roots in the watch world. ProTek watches are ideal for individuals who put others before themselves. ProTek’s name has true meaning that is woven into the brand’s core.

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Other Watch Brands

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Special 10% Discount - Off MSRP

During these difficult times we would like to offer both past and present emergency service workers (Police, Fire, EMS, Nurse, Doctor, military personnel) an extra 10% OFF on purchases.

Proof of qualification required.

George Vieira, Proud Founder and Owner of MCTP.

Henry Archer watches  ( Denmark)

Time Concepts Watch Company   (USA)

Sovyrgn Watch Company (Canada)

Audric Watch Company - Sales Agent (Singapore).

Strond Watches. - Sales Affiliate (England).

Propeller Watch Co. - Sales Affiliate (Canada).

Roebuck Watch Company. - Sales Affiliate (USA).

Viqueria Watch Company - Development and Sales Affiliate (Italy).

Restrepo Watches - Sales Affiliate( France).

York& Front Watch Co. - Sales Affiliate (Canada).

Locke & King. - Marketing/Sales Affiliate (Canada).

96Zero Watches- Sales Specialist (England).

ZBWatches. - Partner Sales Affiliate (Mexico).

Meia Lua Watches. - Sales affiliate (Portugal).

William Wood of London. - Sales Affiliate (England).

Vesuviate Attivo. - Sales Affiliate (Singapore).

Syngltry Watch Company. - Sales Affiliate (Singapore).

Owner/CEO - Maple City Timepiecies. 

Owner/CEO - Maple City Art Gallery (online store).

I have established a solid foundation with several wholesalers and numerous other watch brand AD's to bring our customers the best in new timepieces with factory warranties and quality pre-owned watches.

Furthermore, I have added a "top sellers" list of items which are sold online from a variety of businesses to provide the best and easiest shopping experience all in one place.

A little history about myself,

I speak two languages, English and Portuguese. I also have a career spanning for 33 years in law enforcement, of which 13 were spent as a Detective in the Major Crime unit, specializing in interviews, statement analysis, and threat assessment, investigating incidents such as fraud, arson, sexual assaults, serial offenders and homicides.

I also served for several years as head of security at the local courthouse and Records Department.

I eventually retired as a platoon Sgt. and worked often as an A/S/Sgt., overseeing police operations on a shift to shift bases within the community covering an approximately 60x40 miles radius.

After retiring in 2017, it seemed only natural to let my passion for watches develop into a business, Maple City Timepieces, making strong bonds with exciting and up-and-coming microbrands that would serve as motivation to grow together and leave our mark in the watch industry.  

My name is George Vieira and I'd like to welcome you personally to Maple City Timepieces. 

"If it's the time you're looking for, you've come to the right place."

  • Donald Zimmer. Zimmer Bravo Watches, CEO & Founder.

    "George has been an integral part of ZBWatches since the opening of our store and online business. He's not only a business partner but a respected
    timepiece enthusiast and great friend. Having made many deals with George through buy, sale, and trade of all levels of watches and brands, his trustworthiness is second to none. George deals fairly and follows through with service and support after the sale like no other in this business. Feel safe, feel value in your dealings with George. You'll
    get no better service anywhere."

  • Carlos Carvalho. Borealis Watch Company, Owner.

    "George is a stand up person. Made business with him a considerable amount of times. I can vouch for his business ethos."

  • Jonny Garrett. William Wood Watches, Founder & CEO.

    "We have been working with George now for over a year, who has gone from a loyal customer of William Wood Watches into a key supporter. When George let us know that he was a retired First Responder with a passion for our watches and ethos and who wanted to help expand our brand over the pond, we knew that it was a great match. With his natural passion for watches and decades of experience as a First Responder he completely understands who we are and what we stand for. I want to thank George personally for his support to William Wood Watches.

  • David Hunt

    from George and everything went extremely smooth. Was a little hesitant
    given the international component to the deal but things went extremely
    well. Excellent communication and updates throughout the process and
    the watch ultimately arrived just as stated. I would not hesitate to
    deal with him again.

    -David Hunt.

  • Dave Raymond

    have purchased, sold and traded high end watches with George over the
    last year or more.  Excellent service and communication. Highly
    recommended and trusted seller. 

    -Dave Raymond.

  • Tim Vallee

    Just a little note, I have had the pleasure of many dealings with our man George Vieira. Every one of them has gone off without a hitch. Feel confident when dealing with George!"

    -Tim Vallee.