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Bug Zapper, Electric Fly Swatter, Mosquito Zapper Outdoor/Indoor, 4200V 20W Waterproof Fly Zapper Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Killer for Home, Patio, Backyard, Insect Fly Zapper (Black)

Bug Zapper, Electric Fly Swatter, Mosquito Zapper Outdoor/Indoor, 4200V 20W Waterproof Fly Zapper Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Killer for Home, Patio, Backyard, Insect Fly Zapper (Black)

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  • 4000V POWERFUL PEST/INSECT ZAP LAMP - High-efficiency, non-clogging killing grid. Impressive 4000V grid with 3-4 times higher power than alternative bug zappers, provides more reliable and effective indoor and backyard bug control. 960 SQ FEET COVERAGE.
  • 2022 ADVANCED BUG ZAPPER -UV light bulb replacement supported - Easy to set up out of the box. Stop Mosquitos in Their Tracks. - Keep insects at bay with the US-tested mosquito killer and additional reusable, Uses an 18W High-Efficiency mosquito killer UV light attracts mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects with the particular (365 nm) wavelength, and then zapping them by the 4000V high-voltage grid
  • Indoor & Outdoor Bugs Solution - Enjoy a good night's sleep without mosquito interference in your room, and our mosquito lamps protect your room from mosquitoes, without producing noise and having dim light like a nightlight. Features Photocatalyst design The futuristic design makes these mosquito lights both protect and decorate your room.A great choice for homes on larger lots that want to enjoy an insect-free outdoor environment.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE FAMILY PROTECTION - Keep your family & pets safe and your home bug-free without fear of harmful chemicals and pesticides. No smoke, no smell, and no sound. Your sleep will not be disturbed because of the presence of these mosquito lamps, because the Sahara Sailor Bug Zapper produces noise, and smell. Eco-friendly and safe This anti-mosquito lamp is 100% safe for use and is made of strong ABS material.
  • SAFE WEATHERPROOF EASY TO CLEAN - This bug lamp features a fire-proof weatherproof and anti-flood design; built for indoor and extended outdoor use (comes with a hanging hook); cleans in just 3 steps. Remove insect debris once a week: just pull out the collection tray of the electric bug zapper and get rid of them. Convenient bonus brush makes cleaning the best, even easier than a racket, fly swatter, or repellents and faster.
Product SpecificationsMaterial: ABSInput Voltage: 110-240 V;  Output power: 3 ~ 5 WEffective area (1pc): 20-30 square metersFeatures1. Eco-friendly - Using ULTRAVIOLET BULB to attract the flying Insects into bug Zapper. Then the charged high-voltage metal grid will electrocute Mosquitoes, Bugs, Flies etc. This Electric Mosquito Killer is non-chemicals, noise-free & odorless.2. Safe for kids & pets - Electric shock only when mosquitoes touch. And the protective ABS shell prevents accidental contact from both humans and pets.3. Quiet Mosquito Killer - This mosquito killer make no sounds when working. You can enjoy your night with no bugs disturbing you.4. Easy Use & Easy Clean - Just plug the Electric Bug Zapper in the plug base, and it will work immediately. You can easy remove the protective cover and clean the dead insects with a small brush or Dry rag.5. Small & Stylish - As the bug zapper is in small size, you can carry it to everywhere. The style is very stylish. Perfect suit for living room, bedroom or office using.Tips▶More Effective in Dark; And it will have a best effect if you turn it on Turn it on one hour before bedtime.▶ Please do not open Mosquito Tray when Bug Zapper is working▶Although the mosquito killer has an ABS protective shell, but please keep the child and pets away from it when working.

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