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Premium Long Lasting 3" Stabilized Chlorine Pucks (6Kg)

Premium Long Lasting 3" Stabilized Chlorine Pucks (6Kg)

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  • 200 gram puck size
  • 6kg pail of 3" slow dissolving tablets
  • Perfect fit for most floaters, skimmers, and automatic feeders
  • 90% free available stabilized chlorine, 99% trichlor
  • Every tablet is individually wrapped to ensure safety
Chlorine is a key chemical in maintaining your pool water chemistry and keeping it clean from any contamination. Our 3' chlorine tablets are slow-dissolving and are all individually wrapped for easy use and convenience. Our 3" tablets are thicker than other chlorine tablets allowing them to dissolve slower and keep your pool clean longer. They fit into most types of floaters, skimmers and automatic chlorine feeders!

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