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The Bausele watch brand was begun in 2011 in Sydney, Australia by Founder, Christophe Hoppe. It was born out of his passion for Australia and his extensive background in the Swiss watch industry.
After moving to Sydney with his Australian wife, Christo fell in love with his new home. It had everything he thought life needed…except a premium Australian watch brand. He quickly gave up his corporate job and combined his two passions, designing watches and the Australian lifestyle he loved so much, to create Bausele, (Beyond Australian Elements), Australia’s first premium Swiss watch brand. The brand has been growing from strength to strength ever since.

By 2015 Bausele was the first and only Australian brand to be exhibited at Baselworld, the largest watch and jewellery fair in the world. In 2016 the company was honoured to collaborate with the Sydney Opera House to produce their first ever watch. In the same year the company began a joint venture with Flinders University in Adelaide to form the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Company. Together they developed the proprietary material used for the innovative watch casing of the much-lauded Terra Australis, worn by global ambassador, Dominic Purcell, in his hit show, Prison Break. The company’s growth saw it become the Supplier of the Army Intelligence Corps and Special Forces and expand global distribution to include France, the USA and Japan while selling online to over 40 countries.
In 2020 Bausele was chosen to create the OFFICIAL WATCH to mark the Royal Australian Air Force CENTENARY in 2021.  The Australian watch company was considered amongst a list of globally recognised brands, so the selection reflects the coming of age of this boutique watchmaker and marks the first watch commission for the RAAF in 70 years.   
Christo’s meticulous design sensibility and knowledge of, and access to, state-of-the art Swiss technology underlies the success of Bausele. He considers each component and designs watches that meet industry best standards and then offers them at prices that deliver affordable luxury to a loyal following. Limited edition batches and small marketing budgets ensures you are getting a lot of watch for a very good price. This was Christo’s mission and his gift back to the country he fell in love with.

Bausele Watch Company

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