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EDGE WATCH COMPANY - Monthly Subscription Service

mission at Edge Watch Company is to provide discerning customers with a
curated collection of luxury and high-end microbrand watches. Our
commitment to quality and craftsmanship is reflected in every timepiece
we offer. Through our expert curation and personalized customer service,
we strive to help our customers find the perfect watch to suit their
individual styles and needs. We strive to make luxury timepieces more
accessible to everyone with affordable prices and optimal quality"



Dear Group Members,

I hope this email finds you well. As we continue to grow and expand our online store, EDGE WATCH COMPANY, we are looking for ways to enhance our platform and increase viewership, buyers, and traffic to our site.

We are launching a monthly subscription service soon and I believe it is crucial that we gather as many ideas and suggestions from our team members to make sure we are providing the best possible experience for our customers.

I am writing to ask for your input on how we can improve our online store and make EDGE WATCH COMPANY the go-to destination for customers seeking quality watches at affordable prices. What vision do you have for our monthly subscription service?

In order to succeed, we need to constantly adapt and innovate. Your ideas and suggestions are critical to our success, and we value your contributions. I encourage you to share any thoughts or suggestions you may have, no matter how big or small.

Here are some areas you may consider when thinking of ways to enhance our online store:

  • User experience: What can we do to make the shopping process smoother and more enjoyable for our customers?
  • Product offerings: Do you have ideas for new product lines or watch styles we could offer to attract a wider range of customers?
  • Marketing strategies: How can we reach more customers and spread the word about our monthly subscription service and the EDGE WATCH COMPANY brand?
  • Customer engagement: What can we do to increase customer engagement and build a loyal customer base?
  • Social media presence: How can we utilize social media to drive traffic to our site and increase brand awareness?

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to share your ideas and suggestions. Your participation in this effort is greatly appreciated and will play a significant role in shaping the future of EDGE WATCH COMPANY.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best regards,
George Vieira

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BOREALIS WATCH COMPANY , new addition to our store ........

BOREALIS WATCH COMPANY is dedicated to the production of Professional, Reliable, Affordable Watches.

To achieve this goal we use the best components available from
manufacturers in Asia using only high-grade products for the
manufacturing process. All our watches come with a 1-year limited

All our watch cases are made from either 316L surgical grade stainless steel, titanium or CuSn8 bronze.

Our watches are reliable, clean,easy to read and made with the
highest grade quality tools and materials. As part of our values they
are also fairly priced and affordable to majority of watch collectors.

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Featured collection

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Valhalla of Norway - New addition to our online store ....Welcome to our shop.

Valhalla of Norway is an norwegian brand with watches, sunglasses, and accessories. Inspired by Norron mythology. Started up in 2013, by Roy Klokk. Who after 16 years in the watch business wanted to start his own brand. The Idea of the brand Roy got while is was a manager at Hotel Valhalla in Fredrikstad. He was looking for a good Norwegian name, that was well-known outside of Norway. Thru the hotel guests, he learned that Valhalla and Vikings were something many know and associate with Norway. Also with the company address in Valhallsgate, the pieces fell into place. In late 2013 the first watch was ready.
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At Farr
+ Swit, we know that time is more than just a number. We measure time
not by the hands on our watch, but the moments we make. That’s why we
aim to make quality watches that do more than just track your steps or
connect to your smartphone. We believe that a quality watch doesn’t need
to be updated or re-charged. The true mark of a fine timepiece is one
that lets you define and capture the time that matters most to you.

flagship watch, the Seaplane Automatic, was born out of our passion for
first-rate craftsmanship that spans generations. Made with only the
highest quality materials and a meticulous eye for design, the Seaplane
Automatic features Swiss workhorse automatic movements and is assembled
in the USA.

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CORE TIMEPIECES was born alongside of the Seven Sins watch. The watch today, has become a cultural icon that provides simplicity, style and craftsmanship. It creates a relationship with time; never ending, always progressing. We want to grant people the power to narrate their journey through time. Euphoria, confusion, anger, and ecstasy all encapsulated between the ticks of the hands
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Égard debuted in 2012 with an intricate layered-dial design that makes a bold statement. Égard luxury timepieces are unique expressions of style and prestige, built with the highest quality movements produced in Switzerland and Japan.
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  • Donald Zimmer. Zimmer Bravo Watches, CEO & Founder.

    "George has been an integral part of ZBWatches since the opening of our store and online business. He's not only a business partner but a respected
    timepiece enthusiast and great friend. Having made many deals with George through buy, sale, and trade of all levels of watches and brands, his trustworthiness is second to none. George deals fairly and follows through with service and support after the sale like no other in this business. Feel safe, feel value in your dealings with George. You'll
    get no better service anywhere."

  • Carlos Carvalho. Borealis Watch Company, Owner.

    "George is a stand up person. Made business with him a considerable amount of times. I can vouch for his business ethos."

  • Jonny Garrett. William Wood Watches, Founder & CEO.

    "We have been working with George now for over a year, who has gone from a loyal customer of William Wood Watches into a key supporter. When George let us know that he was a retired First Responder with a passion for our watches and ethos and who wanted to help expand our brand over the pond, we knew that it was a great match. With his natural passion for watches and decades of experience as a First Responder he completely understands who we are and what we stand for. I want to thank George personally for his support to William Wood Watches.

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