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Tockr - Radial Wing - Gun - 45mm - Automatic

Tockr - Radial Wing - Gun - 45mm - Automatic

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Automatic with stainless steel finish, gun dial and leather strap.

The C47 pays tribute to the Golden Age of Aviation. The C-47 watch borrows its unique dial design from the radial engine, a World War II-era star-shaped aircraft.

These are the only watches ever to feature designs based upon the radial engine found in the C47 aircraft, in which the pistons radiated outwards from the central crank case. The engine face is cast in bronze, then finished in silver, dark gray, or black and finally polished by hand. All hands on the C47 series have an application of lime green Superluminova for increased visibility in low light conditions. Both models are powered by a Swiss automatic calibre, manufactured by Leschot with customised hands height. They have a power reserve of 42 hours.

The case of the C47W is a 45mm curved wing shape in 316 L stainless steel with sapphire crystal. The finish is sandblasted, and it has a customised case back. The straps are interchangeable and are made of hand-stitched calf leather. The case of the C47C is cushion shaped in 316 L stainless steel with sapphire crystal. It has a brushed and polished finish and a customised case back. Its diameter is 42 mm and it also comes with interchangeable hand-stitched calf leather straps. This model also has a pointer-date function.

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