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Tim Hermes is the President and Founder of the Monterey Watch Co. and is hopelessy addicted to timepieces. One day during a workout at the local gym, he met Erik Knudsen the Co-Founder, who admitted he was addicted to watch-repair videos on YouTube. Tim had just gotten a DIY watch kit for Christmas and had loved doing a build. So, there was lot to talk about.

Since Tim is an entrepreneur and business guy, and Erik is a mechanical engineer, they decided to try building a few pieces. That, of course turned into people asking to buy them. Thus, MWC was born. Just four months ago.

To move forward, the goal was to make a classic series of watches in three categories:

  • Diver
  • Pilot
  • Milsub

And the core values are:

  1. Make an absolutely awesome timepiece that exceeds the value of the actual cost through build quality, source quality, and service quality.
  2. Do so by minimizing marketing expense and avoid the huge middleman markups.
  3. Make no pretensions. Be who we are. 
  4. Be completely transparent with our customers.
  5. Deliver white glove service no matter what the issue.

We would love to hear from you! Suggestions, ideas for new builds, critiques, complaints, compliments - you name it - and we'll reply.

Thanks for stopping by our site. Remember, it's your time.

Tim and Erik

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