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96 zero

96 zero - Field Watch.

96 zero - Field Watch.

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The Watch

This project has a very personal feel for us as we wanted to pay homage to the WW2 codebreakers and personnel who intercepted and decoded messages.

Why? Well it’s very simple as a child growing up in the 80s a lot of our grandparents were involved in the war in many different ways, I knew my Nan was in the military but I never knew a great deal or bothered to ask…young kid…seemed irrelevant to me! She never mentioned it as her generation just did what they needed to do it seems.

It was relatively recently (past few years) that we have pieced things together and found further bits of information. Turns out my Nan was part of a team who intercepted messages and enabled the sinking of the Tirpitz Battleship on the 12th November 1944.

Annoyingly I regret not asking more questions on a daily basis, but I do wander down to the local military cemetery where she rests and have a chat when I want to clear my head.

This watch is in honour of not only my Nan but every person who gave their all in those tough times across the globe.

We have a compass bezel and red hand to create the compass feel, but we decided on numbers and letters as a salute to code breakers, it’s not a common look but then again it wasn’t a common situation!

Dot is in recognition of morse code…dot/dash but also a great lady who was called Doroth.

Watch Specifications

  • Movement- Miyota 9015

    42mm Stainless steel case with DLC coating

  •        Stainless steel bezel with DLC coating
  • screw down crown
  • Water resistant 10ATM
  • Sapphire crystal Bezel BGW9 lume
  • Swiss super lume C1 full dial
  • Sapphire crystal face
  • Custom date wheel (Red)
  • Canvas main strap with quick release pins
  • 3 additional NATO style straps and 1 Additional Soft leather NATO style strap (4 total extra straps)
  • Custom Military style tool roll

How to use

As indicated in the user manuals (if available).


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